Jan 11 2016 0

Guatemala increased by 29% its exports to Europe

As part of the celebration of Europe Day (May 9), AGEXPORT highlights the benefits of the Association Agreement with Europe, among which is growing by 29% of exports of Guatemalan products to the mainland European further that among its main trading partners are the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

After the entry into force in 2013 of the Association Agreement between Guatemala and Central America Guatemalan exports to that destination had an increase of 29% at the end of 2015. This represented a foreign exchange income of USD $ 857 million export of products such as coffee, tea, mate and spices, fats and animal or vegetable, beverages, spirits and vinegar, edible fruits, sugars and sugar confectionery oils.

Surely we always believed in the benefit-country that would bring the signing of the Association Agreement. Two years later, the results speak. This Partnership Agreement allowed the negotiation of Guatemalan products such as shrimp, foliage, flowers, fruits, snuff, leather goods, garments, spices, also the ADA has pillars of political dialogue and cooperation, regulating relations between Europe and Central America, emphasized the Director of Institutional Relations, Fanny D. Estrada.

Data Unit Development and Market Research -AGEXPORT- reveal that European market represents more than 500 million consumers, 7.5% of total exports of Guatemala are destined to the European Union that account, its main trading partners are Netherlands with a share of 33%, followed by Italy (15%), Belgium (14%), UK (10%), Germany (10%), Spain (7%), among others.

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